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Otto Wolff

*3. 4. 1921, Glatz/ Silesia – †4. 9. 2003, Arlesheim/ Switzerland


Otto Wolff was one of the most gifted and influential teachers of Anthroposophical Medicine. He was the author of many books and articles, including the three volume tome translated as “Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine”. His last major work was a highly original and insightful work on bio- chemistry.

Otto Wolff spread his knowledge into four continents: North and South America, South Africa, Europe from Russia to the Netherlands, from Scandinavia to Spain.


Otto Wolff was born at the 3rd April in 1921 as the youngest child of five. His father was a grocer. Through his mother, Otto Wolff lived in a deep spiritual environment.

At the age of eleven, he was already very interested in chemistry and read almost everything about it. At the age of sixteen, he had the knowledge of university studies. Wolff has always had a deep inner connection to music. He loved to play the cello, the piano and the accordion.

Having passed the A- levels in 1939, Wolff started to study medicine in Berlin and Königsberg. In December 1940 he passed the preliminary medical examination. Wolff was also listening to lectures about nuclear physics and learned the Italian language. In his leisure time he liked fencing and gliding.

In April 1941 Wolff had to contribute in military service and worked in the ambulance in Russia. At that time, Wolff discovered his love for the Russian people and the Russian language. Luckily Wolff could finish his studies at the end of the war in Breslau, Wien and Innsbruck.

In 1946/ 47 Wolff earned money in a dance band since a work as a doctor was not paid at that time.

Johannes Rohen adviced Wolff of Anthroposophical Medicine and Wolff read the only book he could find in the university library which was Grundlegendes für eine Erweiterung der Heilkunst nach geisteswissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen. Wolff knew the subject matter already but he was very fascinated by the book’s structure and the logic. Shortly after, Wolff met Friedrich Husemann who requested Wolff to come to Wiesneck as his assistant. Wolff followed the request and stayed for seven years. From the very beginning Wolff was the co- writer of the book Das Bild des Menschen als Grundlage der Heilkunst, which he supervised and worked over and re- edited until his end of life.

Wolff went to Nürnberg for eight years and worked there as a school doctor and teacher in the upper school. He taught chemistry, botany, zoology and anthropology. Through this work, Wolff learned to explain complicated subjects in a simply way, what was very helpful for his later lecturing.

In 1963 Wolff came to the Weleda AG in Schwäbisch Gmünd, where he was developing medicaments. At the same time he was lecturing at many doctor’s congresses, at expert conferences for school doctors, dentists, oculists, and so on.

At the age of 54, Wolff expanded his work in lecturing throughout the world. Besides his courses and lecturing, he generously made himself available to advise and visit the practices of colleagues who were just getting started in Anthroposophical Medicine. He was also teaching at the Goetheanum doctor seminar at the Lukas- Clinic.

Otto Wolff died in 2003/ Arlesheim.

Otto Wolff will no doubt continue to inspire the many patients and colleagues who benefited from his knowledge and therapeutic insight.

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